We harness the unique qualities of cyanobacteria to generate UV protective, anti-inflammatory, and naturally moisturizing ingredients for cosmetics.
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An image of cyanobacteria made by using a microscope.
HelioBioSys co-founder Rocco Mancinelli discussing progress with team members in the lab.

Who we are

Our breakthrough technology was developed by scientists studying the origin and evolution of life, and how to build life support systems in space. We perfected our vision at the top national labs in the USA.

Joined by professionals from the startup, biotech, beverage, and cosmetics industries, we are building a company that uses sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.

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What we do

Our technology relies on the time-tested ability of cyanobacteria to efficiently produce materials that are UV protective, anti-inflammatory and naturally moisturizing. These hardy bacteria rely only on sunlight, air, and seawater to make ingredients for products that protect your skin, improve your life and respect our planet.

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A gloved hand holding a petri dish containing speckles of blue-green algae.Sun, air, water icons.

Company news

Dec 7, 2023
HelioBioSys invited to Deep Tech Pioneers competition

HelioBioSys has been invited to participate in a worldwide “deep tech” competition presented by European startup accelerator Hello Tomorrow.

Feb 21, 2019
HelioBioSys, Inc. awarded competitive grant from the National Science Foundation

HelioBioSys was awarded a National Science Foundation Small Business Technology Transfer grant for nearly $1M to conduct R&D on cultivation scale-up and cost-effective purification of UV protective compounds.

Sep 12, 2023
HelioBioSys featured on the Lira Clinical podcast

Rocco and David were featured on Lira Clinical’s “A SkinDepth Convo” podcast, talking about space, skin care, and how cyanobacteria changed the world.

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