In February 2020 HelioBioSys was awarded a National Science Foundation STTR grant to conduct outdoor cultivation at the AzCATI facility in Mesa Arizona, and to isolate, characterize and purify Mycosporine like amino acids. The grant explores a novel purification process that could enable an economically viable recovery process for these valuable compounds.

In 2016 HelioBioSys was awarded Small Business Vouchers Pilot from the U.S. Department of Energy to simultaneously optimize and scale-up upstream and downstream processes leading to the commercialization of the production of various metabolites derived from our consortium of cyanobacteria. We demonstrated stable growth of the culture for 6 months at the 1000L scale in indoor raceway ponds. The materials were processed by centrifugation and tangential flow filtration to purify the EPS and begin partial characterization of those materials.


Recent Press

In 2018 HelioBioSys was awarded a BioSeparations Consortium grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to further refine purification processes for the EPS material, as well as other metabolites of interest. We conducted both indoor and outdoor cultivation and scaled up separation in larger tangential flow filtration systems. We isolated both EPS and phycocyanins from the cultures and demonstrated improved recovery. We were completed a full chemical analysis  of the EPS material and prepared samples for safety and efficacy testing by an accredited outside laboratory.

Video of our cultivation, downstream processing and market applications.

HelioBioSys won the Gold Medal at the Showcase for Planetary Sustainability in 2014.

HelioBiosys was a Western Regional Semifinalist in the 2013 CleanTech Open Business Accelerator.

They were finalists in the 2013 NREL Industry Growth Forum held in Denver CO.